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Taking Chances

The davis twins series

I gave him a sideways look. “Courtney? And Joe? He’s her boss,” I responded, shaking my head. “Well, they’ve been giving each other googly eyes all night,” he countered. I sat back in my seat, thinking that one over for a minute. Could he be right? Court loved sex and men, but she had never shown an interest in keeping one around for more than a couple of dates. As I contemplated it, I realized that she did act different around Joe. I had always chalked it up to him being her employer. I watched Joe working the bar with his customary laid back ease. He was kind of cute, with his slightly scruffy, dirty-blonde hair. His style tended towards tee shirts and flip-flops, while Court was a glamour girl. “Hmm,” I said aloud as I tilted my head, pondering him. Seth coughed. “Please don’t gaze at another guy while you are out with me. You’re going to give me an inferiority complex.” He smiled after he said it to let me know he was teasing. “Well, then you better work to keep my attention,” I retorted quickly, openly flirting with him. “Let’s get out of here then, and find someplace where I can have you all to myself. How about a walk along the water?” he asked. “I’d love to,” I responded, deciding to give more thought to the Courtney and Joe idea later. As Seth paid Joe at the bar, Courtney slid behind me and whispered in my ear. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” I chuckled as I turned to her and asked, “What would that be?” “There isn’t much that would be off-limits with that fine hunk of man,” she mumbled under her breath as I turned to leave with Seth. “Have fun!” She yelled the words to both of us, as Seth put a gentle hand at the small of my back and guided me out of the restaurant.