Taking Chances Page-22

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 5 Time seemed to slowly crawl by while I was waiting for Friday. When it finally arrived, my nerves kicked into high gear. All week, I had been writing pick-me-up reminders to myself on sticky notes, and they circled my mirror. I took a moment to read through them. Breathe. You are an intelligent woman. Don’t chatter non-stop. Smile. Do not worry. You are worthy. You deserve to be happy. They were simple, but reading them helped me calm down. I smiled at the new one that Courtney had added in the center of my mirror. Have fun. I took a sip from the glass of chilled white wine that she had delivered to my bathroom before leaving for her shift at Joe’s. Since I still had over an hour before I needed to meet Seth at the restaurant, I decided to take a bubble bath. The wine and bath must have been just what I needed because I was almost calm as I donned my denim mini skirt and the v-neck, light pink tee shirt that Courtney had chosen for the occasion. I still couldn’t believe that she had loaned me her favorite cowboy boots with the pastel flowers swirling around them, but they looked fantastic, and gave me just the extra boost of confidence that I needed as I walked to Joe’s. Joe’s was one of the only full-service, waterfront restaurants in town, and it was bustling with activity when I arrived. Thankfully, Courtney had promised to save us a table. She ran over to greet me as soon as I walked in. “You look fantastic!” she gushed. “He isn’t going to be able to keep his hands off you.” Her enthusiasm was contagious as she covered my eyes and led me over to the table that she and I normally shared on girls’ night. “Ta-da!” she yelled when she removed her hands to reveal how the table had been transformed. Twinkle lights sparkled from above the booth and along the back of the table, a lit candle created a subtle glow, and a bouquet of fresh wildflowers had been placed in a water glass at the center of the table.