Taking Chances Page-21

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

“Sorry, I guess I got caught up thinking about the past for a minute. I do have a question for you.” “Shoot,” Courtney encouraged me when I didn’t immediately continue. “Well, as you mentioned, I haven’t dated in a while. So, I wasn’t sure what the current protocol is. I mean, I was wondering, um.” When I paused again, Courtney gave me a curious look. “Spit it out.” “When should we do it?” I asked her, squeezing my eyes closed in embarrassment. I opened one eye to gauge her reaction. She wasn’t laughing, so I continued. “I won’t be expected to put out on the first date, will I?” “Probably not,” she reassured me. “If all goes well, a kiss with a little tongue would be appropriate. Maybe even a little outside the shirt booby action. If all goes fantastic, and you want to bang his brains out, I doubt he would complain, though,” she laughed. I could handle kissing. It was good to know he wouldn’t learn of my sexual failings on the first date. When Courtney started to leave the kitchen, I called out to her. “Wait. What should I wear?” Courtney smiled as she put her arm around me and said, “You have asked the right person. Let’s go find you a cute outfit that shows off your perfect ta-tas.” I shook my head as I followed her.