Taking Chances Page-19

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 4 “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I said, grabbing Courtney and hugging her as soon as she walked downstairs. “Umm, you’re welcome,” she said, hugging me back. “What’d I do that was so great?” “You suggested that I say hi to him, and he is so handsome, but I didn’t know how handsome until he turned around. He’s so dreamy that it nearly took my breath away, but it’s not just his looks. He’s also kind and funny and down-to-earth, and he has a golden retriever,” I gushed, breathless. I knew the golden retriever part would win her over. “Well, any guy who has a great dog like that has to be somewhat okay, but slow down. Who is this guy, and what do you know about him?” I took a moment to enjoy how protective she was of me, and then I started about telling her all about Sumptuous Seth. Courtney liked my nickname for him, but decided that SS was much easier to say. “SS does sound great,” Courtney admitted. “Just be safe and only meet him in public places at first. You never know. He could be an ax murderer or some other kind of freak.” “We’re coming to Joe’s on Friday night, so you can check him out for yourself. Let me know if you think he has dead bodies buried in his basement.” We both snickered, but then Court turned serious. “I mean it. You haven’t been out in the dating world for a while, and it’s a jungle out there.” “Technically, I’ve never been in the dating world, other than that fiasco of a blind date that Annie sent me on.” I had been so awkward with my pimples and braces in high school that boys had barely glanced at me. Larry and I had met during my first week of college. I remembered the thrilling feeling of realizing that he was actually flirting with me.