Taking Chances Page-17

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

It took quite a while for Sumptuous Seth to come back. I almost had myself convinced that he had left out the back entrance and would come back later to collect his dog. I took a deep breath and vowed not to beat myself up like this. If he was gone, I wasn’t any worse off than I was when I started my walk, I rationalized; and if he was still here, I needed to slow down and let him do some of the talking. My breath hitched a little when I saw him opening the door to come out to our table. He was so damn good looking, and I couldn’t believe he was here with me. I clearly wasn’t the only one who noticed how handsome he was. Every woman - and even a man or two - gawked as he walked past. Seth didn’t even seem aware of all the attention he drew. He had his hands full with two cups, a pink box, and a white bag filled with bakery goodies, so I started to get up to take something from him. In that moment, Buster lunged faster than I’d ever seen him move. He managed to tangle his leash with Buddy’s, which caused Buddy to try to dart around me to get out of the way. My legs became tangled in the leashes just as I was taking a step toward Seth, and I started to fall forward. I fell face-first into Seth’s chest. He caught me by wrapping both of his strong arms around me – somehow balancing the drinks and goodies - and it felt like heaven. Humiliation quickly crept in as he helped me get untangled and back to my chair. “I’m such a klutz,” I muttered, shaking my head. “And you caught me and managed to keep a hold of all the stuff in your hands,” I said as I blew on my tea. Seth brought a warm blueberry doughnut out of the classic pink bakery box and set it on a napkin in front of me. “It could have happened to anyone,” he reassured me kindly. Then he chuckled, “I’ve never seen a basset hound move that fast.” “I know, right? I wonder what he was after.” “Well, I hate to reward him for almost knocking us both down, but I did enjoy catching you.” His eyes twinkled as he grinned at me. He lifted two dog treats out of the white bakery bag. “Do you think he’d prefer peanut