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Taking Chances

The davis twins series

ask me a question? “Huh?” I asked. Oh, way to dazzle him with your witty repartee, Ab. He didn’t seem to be phased by my inner turmoil. “I said that Buddy and I were just getting ready to head to Treats, the bakery on Beach Street. Would you like to join us?” I knew the place he was talking about. It was a local favorite. They had a few alfresco tables that overlooked the water. People took their dogs there all the time. The bakery even offered specialty dog treats, and they kept water bowls outside for their canine visitors. I didn’t have to think about it. “I’d love to,” I answered instantly, and the four of us set off. That is when it happened. He was so handsome, and I was so nervous that my diarrhea of the mouth set in. I started chattering non-stop and couldn’t seem to stop myself. It only took a few minutes to walk to the bakery, but by the time we arrived, I had already told him about my job, Courtney, and that I was divorced. The only things I knew about him were that his name was Seth Davis, he was super-hot and he had a dog, named Buddy. I finally took a breath once we had arrived, and Seth took that moment to say, “If you want to stay with the dogs and grab us a table, I’ll go in and order. What would you like?” “English Breakfast tea with cream and sugar, please.” “Coming right up, Ma’am,” he said before flashing his amazing smile at me and dashing inside. As I flopped down in an available chair, I shook my head in disbelief at my incredible fortune and the way my non-stop rambling was likely ruining it. “I’m glad you’re here, Buddy,” I said to the dog. He thumped his tail upon hearing his name. “I have acted like such an ass that I’m quite certain he would sneak out the side door if he didn’t need to get you back.”