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Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Don’t miss out on the rest of Abby’s story: Making Choices ~ Book 2 of The Davis Twins Series Who is the father of Abby’s baby? Is it sweet, wonderful, kind Seth Davis or dark, dangerous, sexy Sam Davis? Who does Abby choose? Who should Abby choose? Will she find her ‘happily ever after’ ending? Read Courtney's inspiring story in: Faking Changes ~ Book 3 of The Davis Twins Series Courtney has managed to arise from a background filled with abuse and hardship. She has seen the dark side of humanity and experienced horrors that her tightknit group of friends can't begin to imagine. Although she has transformed her life, she can't escape the inferiority complex that lurks in the shadows of her mind making her feel like an imposter who just doesn't belong. Will she and the Davis twin who feels like he always loses to his brother be able find happiness together, or will the secrets of her past haunt her forever? Get Making Choices to find out how Abby’s story concludes. Courtney's inspirational story can be found in Faking Changes. Both are available NOW!