Taking Chances Page-155

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

I fought my way back to the dream by picturing us lying together, spent and exhausted from ravaging each other. His penis was still inside me, connecting us. He was dead weight on top of me. I rubbed my fingers gently along his strong back. Who was I with in my dream? I needed to know. Was it sweet, kind, caring, tender Seth Davis? Or was it his darker, more dangerous, more sensuous identical twin brother, Sam Davis? They were both wonderful men. I would be lucky to have either of them, but which one did I truly want? I had to find out before I became fully awake. The shoulder scar was the easiest way to tell who the man in my dream was. Sam had a scar on his shoulder from saving his twin during a swimming accident on the lake. Seth didn’t have a scar. I eased my hand up to my dream partner’s shoulder. I didn’t feel anything. Would I feel it, if it were there, though? I wasn’t certain if Sam’s scar was raised. I didn’t remember feeling it before. I knew that it was visible, though. I had seen it. I turned towards the mirror and strained to see his shoulder. The mirror was on the opposite side of where the scar would be, so it was difficult to see the correct area. I lifted my head, craning my neck, trying to see the right spot. I peered around trying to get a clear view, but the area I needed to see was just out of sight. Suddenly, my eyes flew open, and I was fully awake. I hadn’t been able to glimpse the area of shoulder that I needed for confirmation, but I knew without a doubt whether I had wanted to see the scar or not.