Taking Chances Page-154

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

He eased slowly in and out of me as we watched. It was like being voyeurs at our own hot sex show. The intensity of it was almost overwhelming. I couldn’t tear my eyes away, and from the looks of it, neither could he. My hands slid over his damp skin as he slowly circled his hips over me. I reached down to cup his firm butt and yanked it towards me, making us both groan with pleasure. “I love watching us fuck.” I whispered the naughty words near his ear, completely turned on. He stopped his movement and turned from the mirror to look down at me. “Look at me, Abby,” he commanded. When I complied, he gazed deeply into my eyes. “This is so much more to me than fucking, Ab. Please tell me you feel it too.” “I feel it,” I responded honestly, returning his direct gaze. His eyes softened as he dipped his head down to kiss me on the lips. The kiss started out achingly tender, but quickly grew in intensity. His tongue hungrily ravaged my mouth as his huge dick plunged into me. We became desperate for each other as our bodies frantically ground together. I couldn’t get enough of him. No matter how much he gave, I still wanted more. I needed release, but I didn’t want this to end. He moved his lips to my ear, panting as he said the words. “I love you, Abby.” That was all it took to send me flying over the edge. My hips were bucking, and my body was milking him as I cried out and pleasure pulsed through me. My contractions squeezed his thick cock as he moved over me, and he exhaled my name as he released his seed deep inside me. I knew that I was dreaming, caught somewhere between the state of sleeping and being awake. I wanted to stay in this fabulous dreamland where the reality of my confusing situation didn’t exist, where I knew exactly whom I wanted and he wanted me back. Where I felt loved. I fought to stay on the brink of sleep, even as my brain started to become aware. I tried to go back to my perfect dream, but it was already fading. I desperately attempted to return to it. My subconscious had made a choice between the Davis twins. It knew which man I truly wanted to be with in the deepest reaches of my soul, and I needed to find out who it was.