Taking Chances Page-150

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

I wondered what she was getting at as I put a hand to my forehead and said, “Maybe it was something I ate.” Both of them moved to face me on the other side of the counter. Annie looked at Court before asking delicately, “Is there any chance you could be pregnant?” I shook my head automatically. “I can’t get pregnant.” It hurt my feelings that they would ask me this, when they both knew how much I had longed for a baby during my marriage. Courtney talked slowly when she responded, as if speaking to a young child. “You think you can’t get pregnant because it didn’t happen during your marriage to that pinkie-dicked, cheating scumbag.” “Right.” I drew my words out slowly like she had. “His new woman is pregnant, so I was clearly the one with the fertility problem during our marriage.” “Unless that skanky ho-bag cheated on him.” Court’s words made my mind reel. I hadn’t considered that possibility. I shook my head, trying to process. Could I be pregnant? I had been tired and emotional, but I thought it was just due to my love life being in the toilet and possibly a severe case of PMS. Was my period late? I tried to focus on the date and calculate how long it had been since my last menstruation. “Whoa, whoa, here. Let’s not go jumping to crazy conclusions just because I threw up once.” They looked at each other, and I could tell they were both thinking the same thing. “Did you use any protection?” It was Annie who voiced the question out loud. “No, I didn’t think I could get pregnant.” I almost screeched the answer. That was the true answer for why I hadn’t used protection with Seth, but embarrassingly, I had been so hot for Sam that the thought of needing protection hadn’t even crossed my mind before jumping his bones. How