Taking Chances Page-15

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

I felt completely tongue-tied, and we were too close for me to just walk away like I hadn’t intended to speak to him. “Ummm,” I stalled. Jeez! What is wrong with me? My breath was coming fast and I could feel my face flushing. I had to do something. After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a few seconds, I finally got the word out. “Hi,” I mumbled, crossing my arms awkwardly and intending to make a quick exit. “Hi!” he responded and flashed me with a grin that just about bowled me over. He was way out of my league, and I just wanted to get away from him before I embarrassed myself further. Of course, Buster chose that moment to plop his butt on the ground and sit for a spell. I coaxed him with a “Come on Buster, let’s go get a treat!” I whistled and tugged at him, but the damn dog refused to budge. Handsome man and his happy, energetic dog stood there watching the whole exchange. Both of them had big grins on their faces, looking extremely amused at my predicament. Taking mercy on me, the man finally said, “It doesn’t look like you are going anywhere for a while. I’m Seth. Seth Davis.” He extended a hand to shake with mine. “Abigail Brown, nice to meet you,” I said, shaking his hand gently. Nice to meet you?? My thoughts screamed at me. How clever. I tried to push the negative self-talk out of my mind, but it seemed to be just as stubborn as Buster, who was panting and lolling on the ground as if he intended to stay there indefinitely. “Come on Buster. We need to go,” I tried again. Buster finally harrumphed and started the process of standing up. Sumptuous Seth, as I had decided to call him silently in my head, surprised me by saying, “Wait.” This gave me an excuse to pause and look directly at him. He was a sight – all tall, dark and handsome, but that standard description didn’t do him justice. He was all of those things, but he was also one of the most ruggedly good-looking men I had ever seen. His jeans and tee shirt were snug enough to give a hint of the tight, tan body that they covered. I licked my lips and realized that his full attention was focused on me. It was almost as if he was waiting for me to say something. Oh no! Did he