Taking Chances Page-147

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

looking. He was a star athlete at our little high school.” She smiled as she described him, obviously remembering him fondly. “Everyone thought we would end up together.” I nodded, wondering about the other boy. She sighed deeply before continuing. “The other boy, J.D., was a rebel. He was dark and dangerous, and handsome-as-sin. I couldn’t seem to resist the magnetic pull I felt towards him, even though I could sense that he didn’t care enough about me. At one of Adam’s football games, J.D. lifted my skirt, removed my panties and stuffed them into the pocket of his jeans. Then he took my virginity standing behind the locker room.” She paused before continuing, lost in thought. “It was glorious, and I couldn’t get enough of J.D. after that. We spent the next few weeks screwing any place where we could find a modicum of privacy. It broke Adam’s heart, but I was so enamored with J.D. that I couldn’t help myself. I was desperate for J.D. to love me, and I kept telling myself that he did.” “I let myself believe that he felt about me the way I felt for him, until one day after school, when I ran out to jump in his car for a ride home. I had an hour before my Mom would be home from the salon, and I planned to enjoy every minute of it naked in my bed with J.D.” “To my horror, I found him in the driver’s seat of his cherry-red muscle car leaning his head back on the head rest with the blonde, curly ponytail of the head cheerleader bobbing in his lap. He had the audacity to smile at me as she blew him. I slammed the car door shut, and she didn’t even stop sucking his cock long enough to turn and see who had seen them. She was under his spell as much as I had been.” I shook my head, uncertain about what to say. I had let lust get in the way of a wonderful relationship as well. Complete sexual attraction to another person was difficult to ignore. Did we all have to choose between steady, dependable love, and hot, frantic sexual desire? Annie’s affair with J.D. had ruined her relationship with Adam, and she had ended up losing them both. It made me curious about why she had encouraged me to choose Sam, and I questioned her about it.