Taking Chances Page-145

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

simple as that. I strengthened my resolve to go out and tell them that they both needed to move on. It really was the best thing for all of us. Sam was the first to speak when I returned to the porch. “So, you want to be with him, then?” He spat out the question. He was standing near the porch stairs, and I had stopped awkwardly between him and the swing where Seth sat. “No, I’m not going to be with either of you. I’ve made too much of a wreck of things, and you both deserve to be with someone who loves you and only you.” They were both just looking at me, so I continued. “It would just be too uncomfortable if I was with one of you. It doesn’t make sense.” “This is bullshit.” Sam was angry. “We both care about you, Abby, and we are all adults here. Choose one of us, then the other one will go off and lick his wounds for a while. In time, we will all be fine. No awkwardness needed.” He was simplifying it too much, and I wasn’t explaining it right. I couldn’t seem to formulate words that would make them understand. I knew what I meant and that was all that mattered. As I looked at these two identical-on-the-outside, near-perfect men, and tried to explain why I couldn’t be with either of them, I was exhausted. “Just go. Both of you please go.” I could tell that they were each considering putting up a fight, but I shook my head sadly, and they both respected my request and left. I went in the kitchen, looked at both sets of so gorgeous, but so different flowers, and sat down at the table and sobbed.