Taking Chances Page-144

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 40 I was surprised to see Seth’s Jeep pull in as I sat on the front porch swing. I had been preparing to see Sam first. Seth carried a large bouquet of happy-looking daisies and colorful wildflowers, which he handed to me when he reached the porch. “Thank you. I’ll go put them in water.” I used the excuse to have a minute to go in the kitchen and gather my thoughts. I found a classic Ball jar to put the arrangement in and set them in the center of our table. Then, I took a few deep, calming breaths before walking out to join Seth on the porch swing. We sat side-by-side quietly for a few moments. Seth broke the silence by saying, “You’ve chosen Sam.” He didn’t pose it as a question. It was more of a resigned statement. “No,” I answered him. “I’m not going to be with either of you. It’s too awkward. I’ve messed things up too much.” “I thought we had something special. I thought we were falling in love.” His words nearly broke my heart because I thought the same thing. As I had known would happen, Sam’s Porsche pulled into the drive. Seth didn’t seem shocked either. When Sam eased his long, lean body out of the low sports car, I saw that he had brought roses, dozens of them. The brothers nodded solemnly at each other in greeting as Sam held the red flowers out to me. I muttered something about putting them in water and ran for the kitchen. I busied myself finding the good crystal vase and putting the huge bouquet of long-stemmed red roses in it. When I placed the vase on the table next to the jar of wild flowers, tears welled in my eyes. The flower arrangements were great representations of the brothers. One was wild, fun, and free. The other was elegant, beautiful and dangerous. How could I choose between the two? I couldn’t. The answer was as