Taking Chances Page-14

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Buster’s life before Courtney rescued him. I set my iPod to play “Brown Eyed Girl,” which was the song my Dad used to sing to me. As I walked, I relished the memory of him using a toothbrush for a microphone as he serenaded me. Buster and I made our way to the park at Buster’s pace. I found that I liked being forced to slow down a little. It felt like I was always rushing somewhere, even though I didn’t know why I was hurrying. Habit, I guess. Almost everyone we passed smiled at Buster. I could see why Courtney had fallen for him so quickly and taken him in. He was cute in a droopy kind of way. Unlike that awful yellow cat, Tabitha, who skittered off or had a hissing fit any time I came near. I think Courtney believed, at first, that I was mean to Tab behind her back. Now that we had become so close, Courtney knew that I would never intentionally harm an animal. That cat just didn’t like me for some reason. She probably just wanted Court all to herself. As Buster and I walked along, I lifted my face to the sun and enjoyed the light breeze off the water. It was a truly glorious day. I heard him before I saw him. “Buddy, come!” he yelled. Just then, a big golden retriever barreled towards him with an orange Frisbee in its mouth. I was walking up behind them, so I couldn’t see if he was a ‘cute guy,’ but his broad shoulders and great ass suggested that he probably was. When the dog reached him and he bent down to lovingly ruffle its ears as he took the Frisbee, I made a snap decision to say hi to him. It was completely out of character and to-the-moon-and-back out of my comfort zone to walk up and speak to a stranger. I kept reminding myself that it was only one word as I forced myself to walk towards him. When Buster and I got within a few feet of him, his dog gave a quick “Woof!” in greeting. He turned, and I was met with one of the most gorgeous men I had ever laid eyes on. His dark hair was just a smidge too long, and he used an elegant hand to swoop it back off his forehead. And those eyes – they were the most amazing green eyes I’d ever seen. They may not have been the eyes from my naughty dream, but they were fantastic and draped by long, dark lashes that most women couldn’t dream of having, even with the help of mascara. He took my breath away.