Taking Chances Page-138

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 38 I didn’t go far. I discovered a small, lakefront motel that was about a half￾hour drive up the coast from Harbor Shores. Marta, the friendly, matronly woman behind the front desk, gave me a rate for the week and an actual metal key for my room’s door. It had been a while since I had seen one of those, and I knew instantly that I had found the right place to stay. My room was small, but clean and functional. I unpacked my travel bag and took a walk along the lakeshore. I found some colorful rocks along the way and placed them in the pocket of my hoodie. The wind off the lake was clean and refreshing. If I couldn’t sort out my feelings in this wonderful spot, then I was a hopeless mess. I spent the week walking the shoreline, eating in the diner two doors down from my motel, and simply relaxing. It was nice not to have anywhere to be at a certain time. Well, almost no place to be. I had settled into the habit of having tea with Marta in the lobby of the motel a few times a day. She was a lovely woman who was proud of her numerous grandchildren, and I had seen pictures of all ten of them. Marta had been extremely tactful so far and only asked polite questions about where I was from and my occupation, but today it seemed that her curiosity was getting the better of her. When I refilled our tea mugs and returned to sit on the lobby sofa with her, I was expecting to hear more about one of her grandchildren’s latest antics, but instead she patted my knee and asked, “What are you running from, Sweet Girl?” “I’m not running,” I started to fib, but the look she gave me told me that she could see right through me. “Okay, I am running because I’m trying to stall having to make a decision between two men.” “That’s a good problem to have.” She chuckled as she said it, but then she turned serious. “I had two men who wanted me once, and I’ve wondered every day since then if I ended up with the right one.”