Taking Chances Page-137

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

working out in the long-term with Sam. Would he get bored with me and sleep with ‘I’ girls on the side? Would he not bother with sneaking around and just leave me? I visualized what Seth’s life would be like without me. He would meet someone wonderful, who was deserving of all that he had to offer. They would have a family and grow old together. In this scenario, I wanted what this imaginary lady had, and, irrationally, I wanted to gouge her eyes out. I was appalled with myself. I had no right to lay claim to two men, but that is exactly what I had done. I couldn’t see a way for this to work out well. I was going to be consumed by jealousy when the twin I didn’t choose moved on, even though I had no right to be. What the hell was wrong with me? I realized then that I needed to do some soul-searching and work on myself before I would be ready to move forward with a romantic relationship with anyone. Something was terribly wrong when I was paralyzed about making a decision between two amazing men because I didn’t want to give up the other one. It was selfish and embarrassing, and I needed to get over myself. I needed to give myself some space from this love triangle and work through what to do. I used our home phone to call Annie and ask for a week off, which she gladly agreed to give me. I packed a small bag, said goodbye to Buster (who gave me one tail thump upon hearing his name), picked up a new smartphone at the cellular store, and stopped by Joe’s to give Court a goodbye hug. I texted both of the Davis boys and told them I was leaving town for a week, and that I would be in touch when I got back. Then, I turned the phone to silent mode and lit out of Dodge.