Taking Chances Page-135

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

“It’s a lot more likely than her chances of making it work with Sam,” Courtney countered. I let them bicker, lost in my own thoughts. They both made valid arguments. I had been struggling with the same points for the last few days. I had hoped that the two of them would be able to help me figure out the right answer, but they were like the two sides of my conscience that had been warring it out. I wasn’t sure if there was a ‘right’ answer. How could I choose between kind, caring, grow-old-together love and hot, steamy, can’t-get-enough￾of-each-other passion for each other? Which was better? Which was right for me? Which did I want? I returned my attention back to Annie and Court’s conversation just in time to hear them come to an agreement. “One thing’s for sure,” Court held up her glass to toast. “She needs to make a decision soon and stick with it.” “Here, here.” Annie clinked her glass with Court’s. I picked up my water glass and chimed in. I fully agreed that I needed to make a choice for all of our sakes. The problem was, I had no idea who to choose. It was like having two fabulous, but very different showcases on the ‘Price is Right.’ Time was quickly ticking away and I had to make my decision, but how could I pick?