Taking Chances Page-134

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 36 I had requested a meeting with my ladies. Annie, Courtney, and I were sitting around the kitchen table, and the two of them were having a rowdy discussion. They were supposed to be helping me sort out my feelings, but it seemed they each had very different opinions about what I should do. They were on their second bottle of our favorite soft red wine, and they were starting to get more vehement in their arguing. I was drinking water because I wanted to keep a clear head as I worked through the mess I had made of my love life. “Seth is sweet and kind, and he really cares about her. He’s the better long-term investment.” This came from Court. “Long-term investment?” Annie nearly screeched. “We aren’t discussing annuities here. We are talking about love. She has passion with Sam.” She reached over to grab my hand. “You have to follow your passion, Sweetie.” “Passion burns out and then what are you left with?” Courtney countered. “You need to choose the one that you can have a future with.” “Love isn’t meant to be solid and dependable. It’s meant to be fun and exciting. If we find moments of pure joy, we should cherish and embrace them, even if they are short-lived. You can’t deny your reaction to Sam. It’s your body’s way of telling you that you are meant to be with him.” “She has passion with Seth. It’s just slower burning than what she has with Sam, which means it will last longer. This hot flash of lust with Sam will fizzle out in no time.” Courtney refilled their wine glasses as she said it. “So, what if it does?” Annie countered. “It will be amazing while it lasts. There’s no guarantee that things will last with Seth either.”