Taking Chances Page-128

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

the pastry container. Was she blushing? Court and I looked at each other in surprise when we heard Annie’s girly giggle as he kissed her hand with a flourish. After he left, Annie swept back over to us with the pink box in tow. Court was the first to get the words out. “So, what’s going on with you and the Fin-Man?” “Harry? Pish posh.” She tried to play it off as if there was nothing between them. “I’m sure he makes the rounds delivering baked goods to all the local businesses. It’s good TR or PR, whatever it’s called.” Court and I raised our eyebrows at each other over her use of Mr. Finley’s first name. Neither of us had ever heard it before. I thought about the idea of Annie being with Mr. Finley. He was on the shorter side, but not too short. He had graying hair and a slight belly pooch, but he was handsome in a sweet, grandfatherly way. Somehow, it all clicked into place in my mind, and I realized what a fantastic couple they would make. I was slightly annoyed with myself for being too consumed by my own love life to notice how perfect they would be for each other. Court saw it, too. “Well, I think you two want to TR each other’s PRs, and I for one, think it’s a great idea.” Annie shook her head, but all three of us erupted into giggles at Court’s play on Annie’s latest word jumble. When the laughter subsided, we all three stood quietly for a moment, consumed by our own thoughts. Suddenly Court blurted out, “Joe kissed me last night, and it rocked my world!”