Taking Chances Page-127

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

She shook her head as if still not getting it, so I continued. “Seth hates me because I slept with his identical twin, when we hadn’t officially broken off what we had. Sam is furious because I told him that Seth and I were finished, when evidently we weren’t quite done yet.” Court was the one who answered. “None of that was your fault. You tried to reach Seth, and he ignored you. You had every reason to believe you and Seth were over when you were with Sam.” Annie nodded her agreement with Courtney’s words. “The way I see it, you have a monumental choice to make.” I shook my head. They weren’t getting it. “No, you don’t understand. Neither of them wants to be with me after what I did.” “Are you sure?” Court was the one who posed the question. “Maybe you should consider who you would choose, if they both want you.” “When they both want her, you mean.” Annie tucked a stray brown curl behind my ear as she amended what Courtney had said. “How could either of them resist her?” I was still shaking my head. These two ladies loved me too much to see the writing on the wall. I had let my lusty body take over my brain, and I had ruined my chances of having a relationship with either of the near￾perfect Davis twins. My thoughts were interrupted by the tinkling of the bells on the front door of the shop. All three of us turned to look as Mr. Finley, the owner of Treats, walked in. His bakery was where Seth and I had gone with the dogs on our first unofficial date, the day we met in the park. That seemed like an eternity ago now. Mr. Finley was carrying a pink bakery box, which he handed to Annie when she floated, in her distinctly Annie way, over to greet him. He’s the king of impeccable timing, I thought as I eyed the box, wondering what kind of delectable goodness it contained. Something about Annie’s reaction to him drew my attention away from