Taking Chances Page-126

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

I raced up the stairs to take a quick shower before heading in to work. When I walked into the boutique, Courtney was already there chatting with Annie. She had obviously already filled Annie in on what she knew of the horny details of the last 24 hours because they both held their arms out to me. I rushed to them for a soothing group-hug. As we stood there holding each other, I thought about how happy I was that the two most important women in my life had begun to forge a solid, caring relationship with each other. I needed both of these fabulous, nurturing, wild, lovely women, and I wanted them to be able to lean on each other as well. Courtney was the one who finally broke the silence. “I can’t stand the suspense any longer. Did you tell Seth about Sam?” We broke the three-way hug, but stayed close to each other. It was my triangle of solace as I nodded in answer to her question, unable to utter the word. Tears began to pool in my eyes as the guilt over what I had done washed over me. “Oh, Sweetie, it’s okay.” Annie put a hand to my cheek as she said the words. Court grabbed my hand as she nodded in agreement. I didn’t feel judged by either of these wonderful women, even though I knew that what I had done was despicable. “I know that I have ruined my chance of being with either of them, but I just hope that I didn’t destroy their relationship with each other.” I managed to get the words out despite my sniffling. Annie reached for the box of tissues as she said, “Honey, why in the cosmos would you think that you’ve lost your relationship with both of them?” She seemed genuinely perplexed. I knew that Annie was flighty, maybe to the point of being occasionally ditzy, but I couldn’t imagine that she didn’t understand this. Maybe Court hadn’t fully explained the situation to her. “I slept with both of them,” I said simply.