Taking Chances Page-125

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 33 I had never been so appalled with myself, specifically with my lust-filled body. How could I have let this happen? How could I have made such a horrible mess of things? I had met two of the most sexy, amazing, wonderful men on Earth, and I had managed to screw things up with both of them. I was sure that the twins would fight, and I was also certain that once that fight was over, they would realize that I wasn’t worth it. I prayed that their relationship wouldn’t suffer any permanent damage from my lack of morals. They were both better off without me in their lives. I vowed to try to move forward with my man-free life, and to try to forgive myself for screwing things up so royally. I could be happy without a lover. I had a great life before I met the Davis twins, and I would try to get back to that point. It would take a while to forgive myself for my indiscretions, but I would work on it. Right now, I needed Court and Annie. I could use some unconditional love, and I knew those two would dish it out, even if I didn’t deserve it. I had sat there with my mind spinning for so long that I was now late for work. I was normally extremely punctual, so I used our home phone to call Annie. “Sorry I’m late,” I started in as soon as she picked up. “I’ll be there in a few.” “Take your time, Love. I’m just glad to hear you’re okay.” Annie was already doling out the unconditional acceptance. Most bosses would at least want an excuse about why you were late. Not my sweet Annie, though. All she cared about was that I wasn’t sick or injured. My next call was to Court, asking her to meet me at the shop in half an hour. “I’ll be right there,” she responded. Again, no questions asked. These two ladies were truly there for me, and I was so grateful to have them in my life.