Taking Chances Page-123

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Seth continued his explanation, seeming desperate to make me understand. “Before brunch was over, Jessie asked me to watch Katiedid for a while. I think she and Katie’s dad needed to talk through a few things. Jess rarely asks for anything, so I couldn’t turn her down. Katie and I swam and played outside for a long while, and then she fell asleep on my lap. I had left my phone in the Jeep, so I missed your call. As soon as Jess picked up Katie last night, I went to call you and got your message. I’ve been trying to call you back ever since. You probably have half a dozen messages from me.” “My phone fell in the water and got ruined,” I responded, feeling numb. Everything that he had said made sense. He shouldn’t have put me through the torture of waiting for over a week with no contact, but considering what I had done last night, I had no right to be angry with him. It didn’t matter anyway. As soon as Seth found out that I had slept with Sam, he would be finished with me for good. “Ab, please say you’ll forgive me. I do love you, even though I didn’t show it well this week. If you’ll give me another chance, I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you. I promise to do my best to make sure our life together is what we have both always wanted.” I was floored by his glorious words. Why couldn’t he have said them last week before I made such a mess of things? I had to tell him before he said anything else. There was no way to say it delicately. I couldn’t sugarcoat it. I just had to spit it out. My mouth was so dry. I licked my lips and took a deep breath, which did nothing to calm my frantic nerves. “Seth,” I started. He was looking at me, his eyes so full of hope. I hated that I had to do this to him, but I didn’t have another choice. He deserved the truth. My voice was barely above a whisper, but I got the words out. “I slept with Sam.” Seth moved back as if I had physically punched him in the gut. His face registered shocked disbelief, so I nodded in confirmation as tears ran freely down my cheeks. I saw his features change to disgust, then anger before he whirled around, muttering the words, “I’m going to kill him.” Then he left me standing alone in my kitchen.