Taking Chances Page-120

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 32 I could hear voices in the kitchen, so I slowly headed that way. I didn’t want to face Seth, but knew that I had no choice. When I peeked in, I saw him sitting at our small kitchen table with his back to me. Tabitha, the cat who hated everyone except Courtney, was sprawled on his lap, purring loudly. She turned to glare at me in the doorway, then jumped off his lap and sauntered away. Courtney looked up, “Oh good, you’re back from Annie’s.” She used the opportunity when Seth turned to look at me to give me a big, over￾obvious wink to let me know that she was covering for where I had been. I smiled to thank her for attempting to be discreet, and then I turned to look at Seth. That was the only hint that Court needed. She muttered something about heading out to get some exercise, which I knew that she never did, and quickly exited the kitchen. “Hello,” I finally said to Seth. He rose and walked over to stand directly in front of me. He ran his hand through his dark hair. “I’ve practiced this a thousand times, and now that I’m here, I don’t know where to start.” I nodded, but remained silent. I couldn’t think of a kind way to communicate what I needed to say. Maybe if I just let him break up with me, Sam and I can stay on the down-low for a while. My brain was working frantically, trying to come up with a way to avoid admitting the truth to Seth. It had been so easy to villainize him over the way he had dumped me, but now that he was standing here in front of me, I was feeling really guilty. He was clearly struggling with how to let me down easily, even if it was over a week later than it should have been. He finally broke the silence. “I’m so sorry I didn’t call you sooner.” I nodded. It had been a shitty thing to do, but he seemed sincere in his