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Taking Chances

The davis twins series

child on Christmas morning. “Look at the giraffe! Oh, I think the dolphin is my favorite! Such beautiful colors on this parrot! Oh, Abby, look. The cow has a calf.” She bubbled with uninhibited joy as the crowd that had gathered around her leaned in to see what she would discover next. Suddenly, I felt almost overwhelmed with gratitude. Courtney and Annie were two of the most wonderful people on Earth, and they were my family now. I was healthy and had a terrific job that I loved. My parents had left me a magnificent cottage within steps of the beach in a beautiful town, which I had been able to escape to after my divorce. I was an incredibly lucky lady. The only thing missing was a man in my life, but who needed one of those, anyway? In my brief history with them, they seemed to be far more trouble than they were worth.