Taking Chances Page-118

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 31 “I… I don’t know,” I stammered. There was a ball the size of a cantaloupe in the pit of my stomach. What was Seth doing here? Even if he had come to do the decent thing to give our relationship closure and apologize for blowing me off the way he had, I didn’t know if I could face him after spending the night banging his twin brother’s balls off. I was suddenly ashamed of my carnal behavior with Sam as the cantaloupe-sized ball made its way up into my throat. I hadn’t thought through what it would be like to face Seth after being with Sam. What Seth had done to me had been wrong, but nothing compared to what I had just spent the night doing. And doing. And doing. Sam was glaring at me, watching the emotions roll over my face. “I guess things aren’t quite as done with my brother as you thought?” It was more accusation than question, so I didn’t answer. “It’s probably best if I don’t go in,” he decided. “He and I will have it out later.” I briefly wondered what ‘have it out’ meant, but my mind quickly turned back to the unpleasant confrontation I was about to be forced into. I completely abhor any kind of conflict, and even if this went well, it was bound to be one of the most awkward discussions I would ever have. Maybe I don’t have to tell him. I can just let him say what he came to say and then show him to the door. My mind was searching for any way out of the hideousness that was about to ensue. If Sam and I were going to have any kind of relationship going forward, I knew that I would have to address it with his brother. Why hadn’t I planned this out better or at least waited a decent amount of time? Who was I kidding? What exactly was a ‘decent amount of time’ to wait before bedding your lover’s identical twin brother? I doubted there was one, but even if there was, I definitely hadn’t reached it.