Taking Chances Page-117

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

was a personality thing. Acquisitions of other people’s companies didn’t seem like something that would be in Seth’s nature. I pictured Richard Gere’s character from the movie Pretty Woman, and I could see Sam excelling at it. He didn’t seem to want to expand, so we rode in companionable silence. Whenever we were on an open stretch of road where he didn’t have to shift gears, he reached over and held my hand. I realized that I had just discovered another physical difference between Sam and Seth. Sam’s hands were smooth and soft, while Seth’s were rougher, no doubt from manual labor. I savored the physical connection of our entwined hands, knowing we would soon be apart and worrying about how long it would be before I saw him again. Sam seemed to know the way to my house, which I didn’t question. After he turned onto my street, he looked at me with those gorgeous green eyes and said, “Please go get a new cell phone today. I doubt yours is fixable, and I need a way to get ahold of you.” I was overjoyed by his request, which I made no attempt to mask. “Yes, Sir!” I said jokingly, beaming at him. My mind silently added that he could get ahold of me any time, any place, and any way that he wanted. The suddenly serious look on Sam’s face caught my attention. “What the hell is Seth doing here?” he asked me. All of the color drained from my cheeks as I turned to look. Sure enough, Seth’s green Jeep Wrangler was sitting in my driveway.