Taking Chances Page-115

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

sprang out, already hard. I took him in one hand, releasing my seatbelt with the other. When I was loose, I leaned over the car’s console and took him into my mouth. “Abby!” Sam’s voice was shocked, but heavy with desire. I didn’t stop. Instead, I wet the length of him with my tongue. “Let me find a place to pull over before I get us both killed in a car accident.” He was laughing as he said it. I grudgingly sat up, but replaced my mouth with my hand, rubbing up and down the length of him. “You’re insatiable,” he teased me, even as he removed his hand from the gearshift and ran it down my loose sweatpants. He quickly discovered that I had gone commando too. I sucked in a breath when he plunged a finger into my wetness. I didn’t know how it was possible, but I wanted him more now than ever. I couldn’t seem to get enough of this man or his body. I didn’t want to get enough of him. He found a grocery store parking lot that looked to be fairly empty and pulled into a parking space in the back. “Damn small car,” he grouched as we both looked around, attempting to figure out how we were going to make this work in the tiny space. “I want more than a hand job,” I panted. “Me too, Baby.” He didn’t bother to fasten his pants, but held them together for some modesty as he got out and rounded the car to my side. I scrambled out of my pants and tilted onto one side so he could get in the passenger side and shut the door. He sat low on the seat and pulled me onto his lap with my back to his front. I groaned with pleasure as I lowered myself onto his hard length. He reached his hands around me, slid one up my sweatshirt to squeeze my breasts together, and used the other to circle my clit. I bounced up and down on him in absolute ecstasy. The danger of fucking in a car in broad daylight - with the possibility of being caught - just turned me on more. The tight space restricted our movement and made me