Taking Chances Page-112

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

my body. My back arched when he dipped his tongue into my belly button. He made his way further down and nuzzled his nose into my landing strip. I was achy with need, desperate for more. I greedily spread my legs, and he carefully placed each one to rest on his shoulders. It was daylight, and I was completely exposed to him. Normally, that would have made me self-conscious, but I couldn’t concentrate on anything except for the anticipation of what was about to happen. His gorgeous green eyes gazed at me through shuddered lids before he turned his head to the side to kiss the inside of each of my thighs, then he blew cool air on my center. I was so wet, and I could feel the frantic need for more churning inside me. “Please,” I finally murmured, begging as I turned my head to the side and dug my heels into his back so I could raise my hips to him. He didn’t make me ask twice. He separated my folds and held me open with his thumbs as he worshiped me with his tongue. The orgasm raced through me as I rode the waves of ecstasy. When the convulsions stopped, my body fell limp. I felt giddy and relaxed. He moved up to lie beside me, and I stayed like that for a minute, recovering. Once my breathing began to return to normal, I realized that I wanted to bring that kind of intense bliss to his body. One quick glance told me that he was still hard. His fabulous cock was jutting out towards me. I wetted my lips, formulating a plan. Without any warning or preamble, I lowered myself and took him into my mouth, all the way in. I was amazed that I was able to do it, and by the sound of his delighted gasp, so was he. I became frantic, sucking him hard, wanting to give him the kind of pleasure that he had just given me. My head bobbed up and down quickly as I worked my tongue and mouth over him. His hands clinched into tight balls as his hips began to move with my rhythm. His panting and groans spurred me on.