Taking Chances Page-110

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 29 When I woke, he was lightly rubbing his fingers over my back. It was barely daylight, and I had slept hard. I wasn’t certain if he had slept at all. I was still completely naked and sprawled on top of him, but he had somehow managed to toss the quilt over us without waking me. I shifted slightly and realized that he was still sheathed inside me, and he was rock hard again. I dropped kisses along his chest and shoulder before moving my body to slide his cock in and out of me a few times. He smiled, “You’re already wet.” “And you’re already hard,” I answered him. “Guess we make a pretty good team.” “The best.” He smiled as he rolled us on our sides, staying inside me and beginning to move slowly, sexily, in and out. “This might be a record for how long two people have stayed hooked up.” “Let’s not call Guinness. I’m not sure if they have a record for fucking, but if they do, I don’t think I want to be known for that.” I answered him honestly. “Fucking, huh? Is that what this is? It felt like more to me.” He was still sliding in and out of me, and it felt glorious. Somehow I managed to keep my wits about me enough to answer him. “Screwing, banging, fooling around, bumping uglies, humping - call it whatever you want. I still don’t want to be known for it. “Doing the nasty?” he asked. By now we were both chuckling. “If you like,” I responded, “but I prefer ‘doing the deed’.” He stopped moving inside me and turned serious. “Making love?” He seemed almost nervous asking me the question.