Taking Chances Page-105

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 28 I wanted him off me, so I could put as much distance between us as physically possible, but he held me securely underneath him. “Get off!” My words were filled with venom. “I’m trying, Baby, but you aren’t being very cooperative.” I turned my head to the side, unwilling to acknowledge his double entendre. He used the opportunity to whisper in my ear, “You’ve spanked me twice tonight, and I liked it. Do you like it naughty, Abby?” Did this guy not understand English? I was working to formulate an appropriately disgusted response when he slowly slid out of me and back in. I was furious with him and appalled with myself for having had sex with him, but God help me, it felt magnificent when his penis moved inside me. It was all too much. I couldn’t believe that I had slept with my ex￾boyfriend’s identical twin, or that he was such an unbelievable pig. I wanted nothing more than to get far away from him and lick my wounds. To top it all off, he was still inside me and my body reacted to him like a moth to a flame. What the hell was wrong with me that my brain could be so repulsed by someone, and my body could be so completely turned on by him? To my horror, the emotion I was feeling welled up, and I burst into tears. It wasn’t the cute trickle kind of crying either; but the sobbing, blubbering kind that makes a complete mess of your face. I was completely embarrassed, but the tears kept coming, and I couldn’t stop them. Sam had pulled back and was looking at me with that fearful look in his eyes that men get when a woman cries. “Don’t cry, Ab.” He tried to soothe me, but I was beyond consolation. “I shouldn’t have said the ‘sloppy seconds’ thing. I didn’t mean it at all.” He