Taking Chances Page-103

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

He didn’t move and I could see his jaw clenching with the effort of it. I wiggled my hips trying to entice him to ride me, hard. He grabbed both of my arms and held them with one hand over my head. Then he whispered in my ear, “Try not to move, Baby. I want to savor being inside you for the first time.” I tried to stay still, but it was so difficult as he dropped kisses along my neck and nuzzled my ear. The full feeling of having him inside me made me desperate to move. I tried a couple of times to grind against him, but he used more of his weight to hold me still. When he used his free hand to tease my nipple, I let out a pathetic mewling sound and tried to arch against him once more. It was more than I could handle when he nipped my shoulder with his teeth. My body began to spasm out of control and I came violently, gasping for air. He let out a loud groan and released while I pulsed around him. “Oh, Ab!” He stayed inside me, and I enjoyed the full, heavy feeling of having him there. It had been the most intense sexual encounter I had ever experienced, and we had barely even moved. He lifted his head to ask, “I didn’t hurt your ankle, did I?” “Nothing on me hurts right now.” I chuckled at my honest answer. My whole body felt fantastic. We stayed connected like that for a long while, and I relished the dead weight feeling of him on me. Then it was almost as if an invisible wall went up between us. I could feel the cool change in his demeanor and his distance, even though he was still inside me. When he spoke, his words shocked and enraged me. “My brother’s sloppy seconds aren’t usually my style, but this time it worked out quite well.” I was so appalled that I couldn’t even see straight. How could he have said such a hurtful, horrible thing? I was furious, and I lashed out at him in the only way that I could in our current position. “You Bastard!” I