Taking Chances Page-102

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

swoop the sweatpants down and off me. He had taken my panties along with my other wet clothes, so I was completely nude. I felt slightly self-conscious at his slow perusal of my body. My angst quickly disappeared at his joyful look when he cupped a hand over me and said, “A landing strip to guide me home.” I smiled at the obvious pleasure in his voice. I would have to thank Courtney for insisting that I go with her to that ridiculous waxing salon. I had cursed her loudly when they ripped off the wax strips along with most of my pubic hair. In fact, it had been so painful that I had maintained the barely-there look with trimming scissors and hair removal cream just to ensure that I never had to go back to that awful place ever again. Sam seemed to be a big fan of the look, though. In fact, his penis looked like it had grown even larger, though I didn’t see how that was possible. He sat beside me, rubbing his palm up and down my landing strip before plunging a finger inside me. I threw my head back and gulped in a deep breath. Something about this man drove me absolutely wild. I was dripping wet with anticipation and almost came just thinking about him climbing on me and replacing his finger with his dick. He stretched the length of his naked body along mine while circling his fingers at my core. While he was shifting, I used the opportunity to take his massive cock into my hands. I stroked up and down the length of him until he was panting with need. My legs were spread wide as his fingers massaged me. I was hot and ready and didn’t want to wait any longer. So, I reached down with one hand to gently cup his balls, while I used my other hand to guide him inside me. That was all the invitation Sam needed as he rolled on top and plunged deep inside me. He froze there enjoying the moment. I wrapped my arms and legs around him, anxious for release.