Taking Chances Page-101

Taking Chances

The davis twins series

Chapter 27 His pupils dilated noticeably, but he held back to confirm once more. “Yes? You’re sure?” “Yes. I want you.” I said it confidently this time. He rewarded my positive response with a dazzling, crooked grin. Then he lowered his head to run his lips and tongue behind my ear. I was desperate to touch his skin, but he still had one of my arms pinned. I used my free hand to raise his shirt and shuddered with pleasure as I smoothed my palm up his defined abs. I smiled when I felt his nipples harden as I grazed over them. I continued my exploration of his skin with my free hand. It found its way around to his back, then down toward his rear. He sucked in a breath when I slid my hand under his jeans and cupped his bare butt cheek. With his buttock firmly in my grasp, I yanked my hand forward, pulling him into me. His thick cock ground into my side. “We have way too many clothes on,” he murmured the words at my ear. “I want you naked now.” He didn’t have to ask me twice. I fumbled with getting his shirt off, so he released my pinned hand. I quickly moved to relieve him of his jeans, popping open the buttons at his fly. Since he wasn’t wearing underwear, the tip of his cock peeked out at me. As I undid each button, more of it’s fabulous length was revealed to me. He stood to make the job easier when I tried to ease his pants down, and I had the pleasure of seeing his entire glorious, naked body. His massive erection stood at attention, poking out towards me. I was aching to touch it, but my hands were occupied as Sam bent to lift the borrowed shirt over my head. He gazed at my bare breasts before bending to swirl a tongue around each one. I arched my back, craving more. He took advantage of my position to