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Taking Chances

The davis twins series

our condo and move out of the city in hopes of finally starting our family. Instead, I moved alone to Harbor Shores to the cute, lakeside cottage my parents had left me. I suppose I should thank Trudy because I had been unhappy in my marriage for a long time. It had never crossed my mind to leave him though, because I felt, as my parents had felt, that marriage is forever. Seeing Trudy on her knees, with her fake tits bolstered up by my couch as she cupped my husband’s balls in her nasty hands with their blood-red, cheap, press-on fingernails, and her bright red lips sliding up and down his dick, sealed the deal for me on getting a divorce. I couldn’t erase that hideous mental image, no matter how hard I tried to un-see it. When I described the scene I had walked in on to Courtney - including the sight of Larry with his head tipped back, mouth agape, looking at me with a glassy, uncaring stare - unwanted tears had started to well in my eyes. Courtney patted my knee and said, “Honey, that’s just head-face. They all get it when they’re getting a blow job.” Then she dropped her face into an exact replica of the blank look Larry had given me, and we both whooped with laughter. The memory made me smile. The message I had left on Court’s mirror was perfect. She really does make everything better. As I walked along the lakeshore, I noticed that tourists were starting to trickle into town. It was mid-April, still early for snowbirds and vacationers, but each year the tourism season seemed to be starting earlier and lasting later into the fall. For a small, quiet town like Harbor Shores, Michigan, that was great news for the local businesses, like the trendy shop that had employed me since I moved here. As soon as I opened the door to Eck, Meck & Dreck, my wacky boss Annie attacked with questions. “How was it? Did you two hit it off? Was it love at first sight? Are you going out again? Why aren’t you telling me all about it?” “I was waiting for you to take a breath.” I smiled at Annie. She looked lovely today with a sunshine yellow scarf tied in her unruly, red curls and