Crime And Punishment Page-84

Crime And Punishment

witch fixed the time for me to come herself. It’s out of my way. And where the devil she can have got to, I can’t make out. She sits here from year’s end to year’s end, the old hag; her legs are bad and yet here all of a sudden she is out for a walk!” “Hadn’t we better ask the porter?” “What?” “Where she’s gone and when she’ll be back.” “Hm.... Damn it all!... We might ask.... But you know she never does go anywhere.” And he once more tugged at the door-handle. “Damn it all. There’s nothing to be done, we must go!” “Stay!” cried the young man suddenly. “Do you see how the door shakes if you pull it?” “Well?” “That shows it’s not locked, but fastened with the hook! Do you hear how the hook clanks?” “Well?” “Why, don’t you see? That proves that one of them is at home. If they were all out, they would have locked the door from the outside with the key and not with the hook from inside. There, do you hear how the hook is clanking? To fasten the hook on the inside they must be at home, don’t you see. So there they are sitting inside and don’t open the door!” “Well! And so they must be!” cried Koch, astonished. “What are they about in there?” And he began furiously shaking the door. “Stay!” cried the young man again. “Don’t pull at it! There must be something wrong.... Here, you’ve been ringing and pulling at the door and still they don’t open! So either they’ve both fainted or...” “What?” “I tell you what. Let’s go fetch the porter, let him wake them up.” “All right.” Both were going down. “Stay. You stop here while I run down for the porter.” “What for?” “Well, you’d better.”