Crime And Punishment Page-218

Crime And Punishment

Razumihin bowed, positively radiant. For one moment, they were all strangely embarrassed. “Good-bye, Rodya, that is till we meet. I do not like saying good-bye. Good￾bye, Nastasya. Ah, I have said good-bye again.” Pulcheria Alexandrovna meant to greet Sonia, too; but it somehow failed to come off, and she went in a flutter out of the room. But Avdotya Romanovna seemed to await her turn, and following her mother out, gave Sonia an attentive, courteous bow. Sonia, in confusion, gave a hurried, frightened curtsy. There was a look of poignant discomfort in her face, as though Avdotya Romanovna’s courtesy and attention were oppressive and painful to her. “Dounia, good-bye,” called Raskolnikov, in the passage. “Give me your hand.” “Why, I did give it to you. Have you forgotten?” said Dounia, turning warmly and awkwardly to him. “Never mind, give it to me again.” And he squeezed her fingers warmly. Dounia smiled, flushed, pulled her hand away, and went off quite happy. “Come, that’s capital,” he said to Sonia, going back and looking brightly at her. “God give peace to the dead, the living have still to live. That is right, isn’t it?” Sonia looked surprised at the sudden brightness of his face. He looked at her for some moments in silence. The whole history of the dead father floated before his memory in those moments.... “Heavens, Dounia,” Pulcheria Alexandrovna began, as soon as they were in the street, “I really feel relieved myself at coming away—more at ease. How little did I think yesterday in the train that I could ever be glad of that.” “I tell you again, mother, he is still very ill. Don’t you see it? Perhaps worrying about us upset him. We must be patient, and much, much can be forgiven.” “Well, you were not very patient!” Pulcheria Alexandrovna caught her up, hotly and jealously. “Do you know, Dounia, I was looking at you two. You are the very portrait of him, and not so much in face as in soul. You are both melancholy, both morose and hot-tempered, both haughty and both generous.... Surely he can’t be an egoist, Dounia. Eh? When I think of what is in store for us this evening, my heart sinks!” “Don’t be uneasy, mother. What must be, will be.”