Crime And Punishment Page-162

Crime And Punishment

“Take him straight to the police station,” the man in the long coat jerked in abruptly. Raskolnikov looked intently at him over his shoulder and said in the same slow, lazy tones: “Come along.” “Yes, take him,” the man went on more confidently. “Why was he going into that, what’s in his mind, eh?” “He’s not drunk, but God knows what’s the matter with him,” muttered the workman. “But what do you want?” the porter shouted again, beginning to get angry in earnest—“Why are you hanging about?” “You funk the police station then?” said Raskolnikov jeeringly. “How funk it? Why are you hanging about?” “He’s a rogue!” shouted the peasant woman. “Why waste time talking to him?” cried the other porter, a huge peasant in a full open coat and with keys on his belt. “Get along! He is a rogue and no mistake. Get along!” And seizing Raskolnikov by the shoulder he flung him into the street. He lurched forward, but recovered his footing, looked at the spectators in silence and walked away. “Strange man!” observed the workman. “There are strange folks about nowadays,” said the woman. “You should have taken him to the police station all the same,” said the man in the long coat. “Better have nothing to do with him,” decided the big porter. “A regular rogue! Just what he wants, you may be sure, but once take him up, you won’t get rid of him.... We know the sort!” “Shall I go there or not?” thought Raskolnikov, standing in the middle of the thoroughfare at the cross-roads, and he looked about him, as though expecting from someone a decisive word. But no sound came, all was dead and silent like the stones on which he walked, dead to him, to him alone.... All at once at the end of the street, two hundred yards away, in the gathering dusk he saw a crowd and heard talk and shouts. In the middle of the crowd stood a carriage.... A light gleamed in the middle of the street. “What is it?” Raskolnikov turned to the right and went up to the crowd. He seemed to clutch at everything and smiled coldly