Crime And Punishment Page-150

Crime And Punishment

“The explosive one?” “No, your friend Razumihin.” “You must have a jolly life, Mr. Zametov; entrance free to the most agreeable places. Who’s been pouring champagne into you just now?” “We’ve just been... having a drink together.... You talk about pouring it into me!” “By way of a fee! You profit by everything!” Raskolnikov laughed, “it’s all right, my dear boy,” he added, slapping Zametov on the shoulder. “I am not speaking from temper, but in a friendly way, for sport, as that workman of yours said when he was scuffling with Dmitri, in the case of the old woman....” “How do you know about it?” “Perhaps I know more about it than you do.” “How strange you are.... I am sure you are still very unwell. You oughtn’t to have come out.” “Oh, do I seem strange to you?” “Yes. What are you doing, reading the papers?” “Yes.” “There’s a lot about the fires.” “No, I am not reading about the fires.” Here he looked mysteriously at Zametov; his lips were twisted again in a mocking smile. “No, I am not reading about the fires,” he went on, winking at Zametov. “But confess now, my dear fellow, you’re awfully anxious to know what I am reading about?” “I am not in the least. Mayn’t I ask a question? Why do you keep on...?” “Listen, you are a man of culture and education?” “I was in the sixth class at the gymnasium,” said Zametov with some dignity. “Sixth class! Ah, my cock-sparrow! With your parting and your rings—you are a gentleman of fortune. Foo! what a charming boy!” Here Raskolnikov broke into a nervous laugh right in Zametov’s face. The latter drew back, more amazed than offended. “Foo! how strange you are!” Zametov repeated very seriously. “I can’t help thinking you are still delirious.” “I am delirious? You are fibbing, my cock-sparrow! So I am strange? You find me curious, do you?” “Yes, curious.”