Crime And Punishment Page-104

Crime And Punishment

“Short and clear.” Raskolnikov, white as a handkerchief, had answered sharply, jerkily, without dropping his black feverish eyes before Ilya Petrovitch’s stare. “He can scarcely stand upright. And you...” Nikodim Fomitch was beginning. “No matter,” Ilya Petrovitch pronounced rather peculiarly. Nikodim Fomitch would have made some further protest, but glancing at the head clerk who was looking very hard at him, he did not speak. There was a sudden silence. It was strange. “Very well, then,” concluded Ilya Petrovitch, “we will not detain you.” Raskolnikov went out. He caught the sound of eager conversation on his departure, and above the rest rose the questioning voice of Nikodim Fomitch. In the street, his faintness passed off completely. “A search—there will be a search at once,” he repeated to himself, hurrying home. “The brutes! they suspect.” His former terror mastered him completely again.